American Motorcyclist, December 2004

"Mario's book in my jacket pocket is like having a personal guide to the state. So while I'm traveling by myself, I don't feel alone. At every turn, I've got exactly the kind of local knowledge I need to ensure that I make the most of a weekend of backroads R&R."

Rider Magazine, November 2002:

"...this 144 page spiral bound book includes a wealth of useful information on day trips and weekend rides around the state..."

American Motorcyclist, January 2003:

"A surprising number of riders still haven't discoverd that Arkansas is a great place for road riding. If you want to get in on the secret, Mario Caruso is making it easy for you..."

Road Runner Magazine, March/April 2003:

"Arkansas Rider's Guide is the type of book that should be more readily available in the United States..."

Ride Texas Magazine, January 2003:

Our neighbor the the north, no not Canada, Arkansas, is one of those great places to ride that no one knows about...If you are more into riding than following the galloping herd, then you might want to check out this book by Mario Caruso."

Mike Moon, Tourmeister, BMW Dallas/Ft. Worth Motorcycle Club:

I purchased a copy, thoroughly reviewed it and found it entertaining, informative and a pleasure to read. As the author, a seasoned motorcycle sport-tourer, states in his introduction, 'This is a book for motorcycle junkies who see destinations as mere excuses to carve through twisting, forested mountain roads or putt along sparkling lakes and rivers." ...the guide gives details on 24 well thought out back roads routes..."

BMW Owners News December 2006: ...for the reader looking for a convenient single source of information on where to ride in Colroado, there is no need to look beyond this Guide.

Wing World, December 2006: ...Colorado Rider's Guide will lead to some of the best bikinig roads to be found in mountainous Colorado....and Caruso's good natured prose welcomes you along.


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